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The Author

My name is Arnold. I am not a writer nor a journalist. My craving to write is, I think, the only thing that qualifies me to create this blog.  I see myself as someone in a life-long pilgrimage and is now in a temporary sojourn . . . and as I stay here I want to learn and grow.


Reading dominates my waking hours. Most of the times, I read books while listening to mellow music, sometimes, in total silence. I like expository books more than narratives. At times I read magazines like Reader’s Digest and Times. Sometimes, I surf the web looking for modern-day-thinkers—those who write not about cars or websites or parties or food, but rather about abstract ideas like relationships, leadership, faith and doubt, forgiveness, and the sort of things that baffle our minds, pushing us to ask deep personal questions such as “What should I value more, or pray for, justice or grace?”

In times when I don’t read books, magazines or blogs, I read the environment, the events, my own experiences past and present—observing my immediate community, my roles as part of it, my relationships, taking notes inside my heart about the principles at work in every choice people make and the results of those choices that affect us all—as separate individuals and as whole society.

Movies fascinate me too. Although I choose movies randomly—mostly based on my moods—there are certain genres that I like more than others: intellectual movies, history-based, true-to-life stories, a few wars, suspense, martial arts, and a few science-fiction. I love cartoons and 3D movies too. Of all the genres, however, it’s the horror movies that I dislike the most.

Music moves me. Mostly, I listen to mellow music. Sometimes, country songs make the list of my likes; but the most favorite songs that become part of me are religious songs that express the philosophy of the one who sings it. Well, I included a page in this blog that contains the list of my favorite music.

Painting helps me express myself. I love to paint close-up foliage and scenery in watercolor. Sometimes I choose charcoal to paint objects, and soft pastel to paint faces.

Chess intrigues me. Studying positions in chess, and how grandmasters execute their astonishing strategy fascinates me. I am more fond of chess strategy than tactics, positional games rather than tactical ones. Because I play chess poorly, I resorted to just watching or exploring how masters do it. Yet whenever I play chess, I play simply to express myself, not necessarily to be a champion. When I first learned chess, I played it as a sport. Later, I learned some strategies, prompting me to play chess as a science. And then, I learned some tactical combinations. This taught me to play chess as an art. Now, however, I play chess as a way of life—expressing my life’s philosophy in every move I choose—putting together my perspective to it as a sport, a science, and as an art.

Writing allows me to think and feel out loud. What I express in painting through shapes and colors; what I express in playing chess through my moves, I express in words through articles. Although I am more interested in expository writing, I am now exposing my self in learning narrative style. I have no formal education or training in writing though.

Far Away Mentors

I always believed that “What kind of person I will become depends on three things: the people I associate myself with, the books I read, and the choices I make.”

Although they are not even aware of this, here are they—my far away mentors. Their books shape me.

Philip Yancey is the author that made the most contributions in my philosophy. His books gradually yet strongly and continuously shape my perception about life, about God, relationships, faith, myself, and many other life-matters. He’s my favorite author, and his books are my favorite books.

John C. Maxwell takes my notion of “leadership” and “attitude” to a higher level.

Stephen Covey (like Philip Yancey) helps me learn to integrate seemingly unrelated ideas. He contributes a lot in my paradigm shift. The only difference is the topic. Stephen Covey covers the topic of leadership, and paradigms.

Warren Bennis teaches me the art of growing . . . treating every difficult circumstance as a crucible that continually shapes me as a person, and treating other things as opportunities.

Daniel Goleman helps me relate with my own emotions—teaches me to dissect myself and discover those things that I didn’t know about me.

Kenneth Blanchard reminds me that I am a servant…that I am an instrument to bring out the best in others.

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    1. Hi bro, thanks for the visit!

      1. You can go to “dashboard”, then click “appearance”, then “header.”

      2. When you’re there, you will see the “preview” of your current header. Below it is the “Upload Image.” When you upload an image, make sure you first crop the image in other programs like Photoshop. Crop it according to the required size, which is 100 x 288 pixels (make it exact to be sure you will have no problem).

      3. You can upload many images. I don’t know the limit, but I uploaded 8 images.

      4. Then select “Random: Show a different image on each page.”

      5. And that’s it. Check your site and celebrate! 🙂

      Oh you need to click “save” before leaving the dashboard, hehehe!

      1. Thanks a lot, bro! I actually tried doing that before too I just don’t know the required size. I like your step-by-step reply. You’re indeed a writer, no doubt. 🙂

  1. Very interesting and I think it’s brave of you to express so much about your philosophy of life and views. I must say that although I enjoy reading, I have not always time to read blogs if they were all based on writing than visual livelihoods; but I stop and pay attention when something catches my attention! This is what I have done when I read your about.
    Thanks for the interesting read and for follow.

    1. Thank you Gaby for stopping by!

      I’m glad I caught your interest—that’s an honor. I hope I won’t disappoint you with my deep provocative thoughts. Very few people like to read abstract matters. Few are interested in philosophy, in values, in principles.

      I like your blog too. Why? Because I was a student of architecture. Though I was not able to complete the course, my love in aesthetic structural designs was not lost.

      Thanks again Gaby! You just encouraged me! 🙂

      1. Don’t think I’ll be disappointed, your writing is really interesting!
        and your blog is beautiful! 🙂

  2. Hi Arnold! Thanks for visiting my blog “Reflections” and liking my post “Solo.” I like your interpretation of reading — not just books but everything around you. I can relate to that. My horse has been a wonderful teacher that way. … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

    1. Hello Dorothy, Sorry for the late reply, I was out of town…
      Thanks for dropping by. You know, I learned that concept of “reading” when I took up the subject Psychology of Reading. 🙂 Before, I also thought that reading is confined to reading (alphabetical) symbols in written documents. Now I know that reading happens every time we extract message out of what we see. 🙂

  3. Dear sojourner, thanks so much for the “like” on my posts Wednesday Woody and Wednesday ‘What is it?’ 2. Appreciate it. I am glad you commented so I could get to know you through your blog.

    1. Hello Sheila, Thanks for visiting, and sorry for the late reply, I was out of town for a few days.

      Hey, I love your avatar photo: close-up butterfly shot—it’s really beautiful!

  4. Hi Arnold, I just finished reading “About”, it reads like a writer wrote it. To me that makes you a writer, a good one. 😉
    Thank you for stopping at my simple photo blog and being so kind. It makes me smile that you would think to follow me, again thanks.

    1. Hello Gary, you just gave me a powerful compliment! Thank you very much!

      I like your blog, and I love your photos. You know sir, I also run a photo blog (yourlens.wordpress.com), but my photos are so amateur, they are no match to your shots. 🙂

      Early next year I’m planning to attend photography workshops to improve my photography skill.

      Thank you very much for dropping by and for imprinting a strong mark of kindness!
      God will surely bless you always! 🙂

  5. ei Bro, Pastor Jess and company are here today, we just remembered you and how your life affected us. we just want you to know that we are here and God is showing something for us to do. just keep in touch. we are hoping that you can join us one time. God has plans for us…

    you no longer use FB btw?

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