Book authors are both artists and leaders at the same time: they paint a scenery—a landscape of ideas vividly transformed into words—and then lead their readers to stroll around that scenery.

In this category, I take some snapshots as I stroll around those abstract terrains painted by remarkable authors—those whose books touch me.

I don’t want to call this “Book Reviews” cause I don’t feel qualified to critique an expert’s writing. I prefer to call this “snapshots” for two reasons: first, I’m not an expert, so anything I say is just a perspective of a layman; second, I am not going to delve into the details of every concept presented in a book—instead, I will simply choose some portions of the landscape that interest me and express how those topics leave impressions on me. Rather than take a wide-angled photo of the entire garden, I will just take a close-up shot of a single plant or leaf, or flower, or stem, or fruit.

Join me as I wander through those abstract scenery painted by those authors who left deep positive impact on me.

Just click the image below…and start the stroll.

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