We are all in a journey called life.

More or less two decades ago I came across a book — an old book at that time. I don’t even remember the title nor the author. I just remember that when I read the back cover of the book, it made me ponder about what it said. According to the author, people undergo the same phases of life from birth to death.

In the first 20 years of life, all people are SOWING. Here we are establishing the kind of thinking, attitude, and behaviors that will guide us later in our adulthood. What we sow in this stage, we will reap when we get old.

The next 20 years of life is about undergoing the painstaking process of GROWING in maturity. This is why by the age of 40 people are supposed to be “already matured.” Some say, “Life begins at 40.” because by the time we reach this age, we already have enough experience to really begin life in its fullest, and we have already seen the different colors of life. By the age of forty, we are expected to be strong to face life head-on with courage.

After the growing stage, people begin to build their own community. I don’t remember what the author called this stage. But I do remember the description. In this stage, the focus of the person is in building strong positive lasting relationships. So from age 41 to 60, ideally, people are supposed to be already good in handling different types of relationships. This is where people have the biggest network of friends in their lives.

Finally, the remaining years of life of a person is called the REAPING stage. Whatever the person sowed in his first 20 years, and what he grew and nurtured in his life until the age of forty, and whether he built or destroyed many relationships, he will reap on this stage of his life. This explains why some old people are full of regrets while others are fulfilled.

That was a keen observation of the author. Although I am not sure about the specific age where we transition from one stage of life to the next, I am struck by the observation. For me it made sense twenty years ago. And it still makes sense today. That is why I dedicated a portion of my blog to ponder about this matter.

This part of my blog is about a similar journey. But instead of having four stages, it has only three: Discovery, Growth, and Service.

As you visit these pages, you are welcome to share your insights, whether it is aligned with or opposite my views. However, I do expect that all conversations and comments will be based on respect. No insults. No pointless arguments.

Again, Welcome! Let’s ponder together. Let’s DISCOVER together. Let’s GROW together. Let’s SERVE one another…together.