Grace: What’s amazing about it?

Grace is my favorite English word. I like both the sound and the meaning. What’s So Amazing About Grace is my favorite book, and its author, Philip Yancey, is my favorite author.

In this category, I write about grace—about the different forms it takes in people’s daily life, it’s message, and its impact.

Grace is not always amazing to everyone: legalistic people who are dominated by pride and are enslaved by their own arrogance are infuriated, scandalized, and terribly offended by grace. They cannot comprehend it.

To those who acknowledge their needs with a contrite heart, however, are the ones who are blessed with vivid images of God’s grace. To them, everyday is a blessing . . . A grace from God.

I pray that the articles that fall in this category may bless you and let you experience the grace of God, and help you be a channel of that grace to everyone as well.

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3 thoughts on “Grace: What’s amazing about it?

  1. Once you are touched by God’s grace, the wellspring of all that is pure and beautiful, one is overcome by God’s infinite love for mankind. This outpouring of love manifested itself beautifully in none other than Jesus Christ, grace and love incarnate.
    God bless you

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