A single droplet of water can contain the reflection of your face, the views of its immediate surroundings, and even the image of the skies.

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This category simply shares small bits of wisdom that may contain profound insights of life…and I call it droplets.

Others call it “SAYINGS,” some recognize it as QUOTES. But regardless of how we call it, it is what it is—just a few words—but they help us remember large amount of lessons in life…while short enough to let the message profoundly resonate in our hearts.

Come on let’s feel the gentle touch of droplets!

9 thoughts on “Droplets

    1. Thank you very much Sarah! I was supposed to say, “I am honored!” but when I visited your blog, I saw it…you already included mine in your list.

      Now, I’m greatly humbled by your “gracefulness!”
      God bless you always, and your blogging ministry!

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am so glad to meet with you. I loved your blog, seems that it would be so nice to read you. I loved your writing voice, and style… Even this is not my nature language, but I love it, and I want to write as same as in my own language. You are talking so nice points all about life… Wisely written. Thank you, with my love, nia

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