Writing is one way to express one’s self. Words are a simple tool. Yet they can dramatically shape the reader as well as the writer. Perhaps, it is the glue that binds the writer and the reader in a magical and wonderful partnership. Cautiously chosen and carefully delivered, words can powerfully penetrate our deepest selves, trigger us to think and reshape our thinking, make us move and decide . . . even make us to stop. Words can make us or break us. It can heal us and remake us.

Words affect even the one who writes. Personally, I write not because I know something, but because I want to know something. I write to find out my innermost thoughts, to explore my innermost feelings, to challenge my own deepest understanding . . .

. . . through writing, I discover myself. Through self-discovery, I grow.

In this blog I write about diverse topics. For the purpose of simplicity, I divided my articles in the following major categories:

Reflections — This covers a wide perspective of different topics, however, there are concepts that may populate my posts, topics about grace, forgiveness, faith, wisdom, relationships, growth, and attitude. Here, I write what I reflect about my own experiences as well as what I observe in the world around me. Occasionally, I may include some personal questions that keep on bothering me. I categorize them as “Just Wondering.”

My Studies — Writings I made in my studies, articles I published in our academy magazine, and other academic matters that intrigue me fall in this category. I made a little revisions and adjustments to fit the general readers.

Grace — Here, I write about the different faces of God’s grace translated in our daily lives.

Snapshots — Reading feeds me everyday. Whenever I read something that leaves impact on me, I am tempted to write about it. Here are my attempts to express how I relate to some of the striking concepts I read from known authors. I refrain from calling it “book reviews” because I don’t describe the entire book. Instead, I choose just part or parts of it and discuss it.

Droplets — Droplets are small amount of words that contain large amount of insights.


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2 thoughts on “Articles

  1. Your words are sage and caring. I enjoyed your site very much! One reason for a blog is to connect with like minds and share. Yours qualifies for me . Thank you

    1. Thank you so much June!

      I absolutely agree with you: “one reason is to connect and share with like minds.” John C Maxwell has a recent book entitled “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.” I’m glad that I’m able to connect.

      Thank you for your kind words! Connecting requires more than one person. No matter what I do, or how strong my attempts are to connect with others, if nobody would respond positively, then there’s no connection.

      Thank you for responding positively! 🙂

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