Dog…by loving


2 thoughts on “Dog…by loving

  1. Love that! Never thought of it! I adore dogs!
    I just wanted to let you know that David Williams wrote a comment to you about the “filter” I couldn’t think of.
    Here it is: “Sojourner, the filters are know as close-up filters (some places might call them macro filters). If you Google close-up filters you should have no problem finding them.”
    You probably got my comment about Extension Tubes. I got three (36mm, 20mm, 12mm) for $150. They can be used all together, or separately, in any combination, attached to your lens. They give you a macro view without the macro price!

    1. Hello Judy, I’m glad that you loved it! I love dogs too. They are adorable pets!

      By the way, please link me to that “filter” comment from David Williams…

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