Let’s take a rest…

Let’s take a break from showering ourselves with some universal, timeless, and obvious principles of Dale Carnegie.

So far, in the first 12 Droplets, we have learned not to attack a person by throwing him an uncalled for sharp criticism…because that is futile.

Then, on the second spray of 16 Droplets, Dale taught us what to do instead. It is better to appreciate others—genuinely.

On the last 6 Droplets of the third wave, we have learned to speak of what others are interested in, to talk about their desires and then show them how to get those desires.

Those are very practical insights, mostly forgotten by many of us because of the too many academic subjects we need to learn.

In the mean time, let’s give ourselves a few days to ponder about these insights. Ten days from now, we will continue with the other principles of Dale Carnegie’s book How To Win Friends and Influence People.

Have a nice reflective rest. Droplets will resume after ten days. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Let’s take a rest…

  1. What a curiously difficult, yet marvelous pleasure it is to entertain others into what is finally true. We are all on that quest. Some toy with truth. Some use it to prop open a door or hold down papers in the wind. Some place it on the bookshelf and admire the binding. Some interpret it according to their own desires. And some embrace it as one might walk into a bonfire, knowing that within the flames lies what is precious. These embrace truth is such a way that even death, humilation, and social abandonment, does not discourage them from their quest. It is these we look for in earnest. And if we find them, do we have the strength to embrace a man bent on finding true life?

    Yes, we do strive to embrace one another that we might, by all means, save some (inculding ourselves). But watch the landmines. I have seen them in my own mind. I desire friendship, reach out to grab what is being offered, only to find a certain resistance that I cannot define or shake.

    Again, what a curiously difficult, yet pleasurable experience to encounter the “singular culture” of each man’s mind. There is no one like anyone of us. Yet we are all caught up in a flood of vague and different sameness.

    I responded as my mind drew me after reading your post. I hope I didn’t stray too far afield. LOL….. “And just look what you’ve done here!” “Now who’s gonna clean up this mess?” LOL

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