This December: Daily Droplets of Grace

I have dedicated the entire November scattering droplets of “grace” and “forgiveness.” This December I intend to continue sprinkling you with daily droplets of grace. These droplets are excerpts from my favorite book, What’s So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancey.

As a Christian, my faith centers on Jesus’ grace…and grace begins and ends with forgiveness. Sadly this core doctrine, this central theme of my faith is undoubtedly the most difficult to comprehend, the hardest to practice and the most dreadful to preach.

On the positive side, I thank God because once we receive grace from Him, we become able to do this “hardest” test. I mean, ‘the most difficult teaching to live out’ becomes possible, because of its very nature: once graced, a person becomes a channel of grace. Having been forgiven, we become able to forgive.

We cannot create grace; we can only channel it. God is the Source; we are the medium.

I hope, I will serve as a medium even for a few droplets of grace.

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